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Known Issues - ESET Security for Kerio


  • Known issues with ESET Security for Kerio (ESK). Suggested resolutions are included below by issue.


1. Protection not working for up to 30 minutes after upgrade to Kerio Connect 8.1.0 or newer

In a case when upgrading from Kerio Connect 8.0.2 (or older) to version 8.1.0 (which is a version that officially does not support external AV protection) the upgrade process of Kerio does not preserve ESK's registration (dll and configuration) which renders EKS protection not to work and Kerio Connect is not protected even though the protection status is still "Green". This is only for a period of time until ESK checks for its registration. This check is performed every 30 minutes. If ESK finds out that the registration is not correct, it automatically registers itself and restarts Kerio Connect. This makes the protection to work properly again. Hence the Kerio Connect may not be protected for a maximum of 30 minutes after the upgrade.

It is possible to register ESK to Kerio Connect manually after the upgrade. This will turn the protection on immediately. In order to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Press F5 to enter Setup.
  2. Expand Server Protection > Kerio Connect.
  3. Uncheck Register to Kerio Connect server and press OK button, protection status will change to "Red".
  4. Repeat steps a. and b., check Register to Kerio Connect server and press OK button, this registers ESK to Kerio and turns the protecion on and status changes to "Green".


2. File server protection displayed when using Kerio Control

On a system with Kerio Control, ESET Security for Kerio displays File server protection in its main program window inSetup section. This is expected behaviour, and when enabled, it means the Kerio Control is being protected by ESET Security for Kerio.

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