[KB2505] My computer has a virus—what should I do?


  • You suspect that your computer is infected with a virus or malware
  • You were directed by ESET technical support to complete preliminary malware troubleshooting


No internet connection

If you cannot connect to the internet on the infected computer, visit: No internet connection due to malware.

  1. Back up any important or valuable files on your computer.

  2. Rule out currently trending threats.

  3. If you have an ESET product installed, run a Computer scan. If you do not have an ESET product installed, run the ESET Online Scanner (using default settings).

Leave detections in quarantine

Files in quarantine will not run on your computer again as they are stored there in an inert, encrypted format that is useful for analysis.

  1. If a threat is detected during the scan completed in step 3, complete a Strict cleaning scan or find the appropriate malware removal tool to download.

  2. Restart your computer. Are all system issues resolved?

    • Yes: Process complete.
    • No: Go to the next step.
Complete all steps

If steps 1-4 alleviated the symptoms you were experiencing, but you were unable to complete one of the steps above, we strongly recommend that you go back and attempt that step again.

  1. Send a copy of a Computer scan log and SysInspector log to ESET Technical Support.

Need Assistance in North America?

If you are a North American ESET customer and need assistance, view product documentation or visit helpus.eset.com to chat with a live technician.