[KB3097] ESET Windows home products block access to a specific file on a website


  • ESET detects and blocks the download of a specific file
  • The following "Threat detected" notification is displayed:

  • Enable or disable Active mode for your web browser in your ESET Windows home product


Protocol filtering in ESET Windows home products works by creating a temporary file to which downloads initiated by controlled applications are saved. When a controlled application downloads data, it is first saved to the temporary file created by ESET Windows home products. Once the download is completed, downloaded material is checked for malicious code. If no infiltration is found, downloaded material is sent to the application that initiated the download. This process provides complete control of the communications made by an application.


  1. Open the main program window of your ESET Windows product.

  2. Press the F5 key on your keyboard to access Advanced setup.

  3. Click Web and email, expand Protocol filtering, and then click Edit next to Excluded applications.

Figure 1-1
  1. Click Add.

Figure 1-2
  1. Select your web browser from the Add application list and click OK.

Figure 1-3
  1. Click OK to close the Excluded applications window.

Figure 1-4
  1. Click OK to save your changes and exit Advanced setup.

Figure 1-5