[KB8339] After upgrading to macOS Ventura (13), you received a warning: Your computer is not fully protected


  • After upgrading your computer to macOS Ventura (13), you receive a warning "Your computer is not fully protected."
Issue fixed in macOS 13.1

This issue is only present in macOS Ventura version 13.0. 
If you upgrade your computer from earlier macOS to macOS Ventura version 13.1 and later, this issue will not affect you.


Fix the issue via MDM

To fix this issue on multiple computers at one time, we recommend enrolling the computer in Apple certified MDM of your choice (for example, Jamf) and enabling Full Disk Access to all computers via MDM as described in the Before installation section of the following Online Help topic. Enabling Full Disk Access via MDM will automatically fix the issue.

  1. Verify the current version of your ESET product. If you do not have the latest version, upgrade your ESET product.
Use the latest version

We recommend downloading the latest version of your ESET product and then reinstalling that version. Reinstalling an earlier version will not resolve this issue. 

  1. Only the following versions and later support macOS Ventura (13):

  2. Click the Apple menu → System SettingsPrivacy & Security.

  3. Click Full Disk Access.

  4. The settings will show the toggle in the enabled position indicating the ESET product has Full Disk Access privileges; however, Full Disk Access is not enabled. 

  5. Select all ESET options, then click the minus icon at the bottom of the window to remove the selected options. Alternatively, users can individually remove ESET options.
    The options in the Full Disk Access section may differ for different ESET products.

    Removable options

    Do not remove the existing ESET options more than one time. After clicking the minus icon, allow the workstation time to remove the ESET option from the window.

    Figure 1-1
  6. Each option will be removed from the menu and automatically added back. 

  7. After the ESET options appear, click the toggle next to each ESET option to enable Full Disk Access. 

  8. ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.2.1600.0 will automatically detect Full Disk Access. ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro users, click Start again in the ESET alert dialog or restart your macOS.