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What is ESET Anti-Theft?

Our portable devices are constantly at risk of being lost or stolen. ESET Anti-Theft helps you if your device is ever lost or stolen. It helps you to monitor usage and track your missing device anywhere in the world using IP address localization. ESET Anti-Theft also provides you with location information for your missing device to help you retrieve it while protecting your personal data.

How does Anti-Theft work?

Once Anti-Theft is activated on your device, your ESET product integrates with the ESET Anti-Theft web portal on my.eset.com. There you will create an account and use it to manage the state of your device (missing or not missing) and access device monitoring if the device is ever lost or stolen.

When a device is marked "missing", your ESET product automatically begins relaying information from your missing device to your my.eset.com account, no matter where in the world your device is. Each time your missing device accesses the internet, your my.eset.com account will be updated with screenshots, webcam images and GPS coordinates from your missing device.

Get started with ESET Anti-Theft

First, you will activate Anti-Theft on your mobile computer, phone or tablet and create your my.eset.com online account.

Optimize your device for Anti-Theft

These instructions will lead you through some additional steps to configure your device and optimize your security protection. Optimization is required to use the additional features Anti-Theft offers you to help recover your device if it is lost or stolen.

Your anti-theft.eset.com account

The articles in this section will help you perform some of the basic functions in your my.eset.com Anti-Theft account.

Is your mobile computer, phone or tablet lost or stolen?

    Did you recover your lost or stolen computer, phone or tablet?

**Your device will no longer be able to be monitored or tracked if it is lost or stolen