[KB3195] Restore a quarantined file in ESET Windows home products


  • Access a file that has been quarantined by ESET
  • A file that you know to be safe has been quarantined by ESET


In the event that your ESET product has quarantined a file you know to be safe, you must manually exclude the file from the Real-time and On-demand scans to prevent it from being quarantined again.


Video Tutorial

    1. Open the main program window of your ESET Windows product.

    2. Click Tools → More tools.
      Figure 1-1
    3. Click Quarantine.
      Figure 1-2
    4. Select the file you want to restore and click Restore
      Restore and exclude from scanning

      If you want this file excluded from all future scans, right-click the file and select Restore and exclude from scanning from the context menu.

      Figure 1-3
    5. When prompted, click Yes to confirm.
      Figure 1-4