[KB2929] ESET Mobile Security for Android on Tablet devices


  • Users can install ESET Mobile Security on Android tablet devices
  • Some features, options, and devices are not supported on all tablet devices
  • Known Issues


ESET Mobile Security for Android includes some (cellular-based) features that are only available on Android smartphones. Though ESET does provide support for tablet devices such as the Kindle Fire, the following limitations apply:

  • To install ESET Mobile Security on the Kindle Fire and some other tablet devices, allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • For devices that only access the internet using Wi-Fi (no cellular internet connectivity), the functionality of ESET Mobile Security is limited to Antivirus, Anti-Theft Web portal, Anti-Phishing, Security Audit, and Security Report. The unsupported features include SIM guard and Call Filter.
  • Call Filter features are only supported on Kindle devices with cellular plans.
  • ESET does not provide support for rooted Android devices.
  • Call Interceptor is not supported (no calling on tablets).
  • Find my Device is not supported on tablets without GPS.

Known Issues

  • Anti-Theft actions and notifications from ESET HOME are delayed on Kindle devices (for example, after marking a device as missing).
    • Solution: No further action is required by you. The action from ESET HOME will occur on the Kindle device after a delay that is typically under 20 minutes.
  • On Kindle HDX devices (3rd Gen), selecting the option “Unknown sources” using the ESET Security Audit feature will redirect to an incorrect location in the device settings.
    • Solution: You can manually access the correct location by going to SettingsApplications.
  • The latest version of ESET Mobile Security for Android does not support Kindle Fire (1st Gen).