[KB6630] Configure your ESET product to block spam


  • Configure your ESET product to protect you from email spam, hoaxing, and phishing


  1. Become familiar with spam
  2. Install an ESET solution with Antispam
  3. Set up Antispam configurations
  4. Troubleshooting and additional information

I. Become familiar with spam

To combat spam, you must first become familiar with what email spam, hoaxes and phishing are and how to recognize these dangers in the wild.

When you have reviewed the information above, proceed to Step 2.

II. Install an ESET solution with Antispam

The ESET products listed below offer protection against spam and malware.

  1. Determine which ESET product best fits your email client

  2. Download, install and activate the appropriate ESET software.

ESET Business products 

ESET Home products

After you have successfully installed ESET software on your computer, proceed to Section 3.

III. Set up Antispam configurations

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