[KB7895] Firewall fails in ESET Endpoint Security for Mac 6.10.900.0 on macOS Big Sur


  • All application-specific firewall rules created in ESET PROTECT for computers with macOS Big Sur running ESET Endpoint Security for Mac 6.10.900.0 are applied to the whole associated protocol.
  • Example: A firewall rule to block all communication over UDP protocol is created for the application /Applications/ExampleApp. While this rule is applied on a computer that is running macOS Big Sur, all communication over the UDP protocol is blocked. Not just the communication of the /Applications/ExampleApp application.


We advise disabling all application-specific rules for firewall in ESET PROTECT policies before upgrading your ESET Endpoint Security to 6.10.900.0 on macOS BigSur.
To partially compensate for these changes, we advise dividing your policies into two policies. The first policy will have the same firewall settings as your older policy, but will only be applied to computers with macOS 10.15 and older. The second policy will be for computers with macOS Big Sur, where the application-specific rules will be removed.