[KB5893] Unblock a safe website on an endpoint using ESET Remote Administrator (6.x)


  • A website that you know to be safe is being blocked by Web Access Protection
  • Exclude a web address from being checked in Web Access Protection
  • Allow access to a known safe website

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A new version has been released

Version 7 of ESET business products were released on August 16, 2018. This article applies to version 6.x and ESET Remote Administrator . For information about what's new in the latest version and how to upgrade, see the following article:

 Endpoint users: Perform these steps on individual client workstations

  1. Open ESET Remote Administrator Web Console (ERA Web Console) in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Admin → Policies.
  3. Select the applicable master policy, click the gear icon and then select Edit.

Figure 1-1
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  1. Expand Settings → Web and Email and click Web access protection.
  2. Expand URL Address Management and click Edit.

Figure 1-2
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  1. Select List of addresses excluded from checking and click Edit.

Figure 1-3

  1. Click Add.

Figure 1-4

  1. Type the URL address into the blank field and click OK.

Figure 1-5

  1. In the Edit list window, click Save.

Figure 1-6

  1. In the Address list window, click Save.

Figure 1-7

  1. Click Finish. The blocked website is now accessible.

Figure 1-8
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