[KB2960] Exclude a safe website from being blocked by Web Access Protection in ESET Windows home products


  • Web access protection is blocking a website you know to be safe


Before excluding a website

Excluding a website poses a security risk. An experienced system administrator can configure this if instructed by ESET Technical Support.

Best practices:

  • Exclude a website for a specific period only.
  • Do not exclude websites where you provide sensitive information (such as banking websites).
  • Do not disable real-time file system protection while downloading and running files from excluded websites.
  • Report miscategorization if you think ESET should not block a specific website.

Endpoint users: Exclude a safe website on an individual workstation in ESET endpoint products.

ESET PROTECT On-Prem and ESET PROTECT users: Unblock a safe website on an endpoint using ESET PROTECT On-Prem or ESET PROTECT

Mac users: View instructions for ESET Cyber Security products.

Video Tutorial

  1. Open the main program window of your ESET Windows product.

  2. Press the F5 key to open Advanced setup.

  3. Click Web access protection. Expand URL list management and click Edit next to Address list.

Figure 1-1
  1. Select List of addresses excluded from content scan and click Edit.

Figure 1-2
  1. Click Add in the Edit list window. Type the website or domain you want to exclude in the respective field, click OKOK to save your changes, and exit the Advanced setup window.

Use wildcard symbol for web addresses

For each website you add, be sure to either include "www." or a wildcard "*" symbol, as in "www.eset.com" or "*eset.com*".

Figure 1-3