[KB7464] I did not receive email about registration or change of an ESET online service


  • You do not receive an email after you reset your ESET Business Account (EBA) or ESET MSP Administrator (EMA) account password or activated two-factor authentication or activated a related service
  • You changed your email address registered with EBA or EMA but did not receive the confirmation email
  • You submitted some license-related requests to your EMA account or added a license to your EBA account but did not receive a confirmation/authentication email
  • You deleted your EBA or EMA instance but did not receive the confirmation email


If you do not receive an email from ESET within 20 minutes after you carried out one of the above-mentioned actions, see below for suggested steps to take:

  1. Check your spam and other secondary inbox folders.

    • Mark noreply@eset.com as a safe address in your email client (or server).

  2. Whitelist the IP address of our mail server:

  3. Gmail users: Look in the Promotions folder.

    To display the Promotions folder:

    1. Open your web browser and log into your Gmail account.

    2. Click the plus (+) icon to the right of your tabs.

    3. Select the check box next to Promotions and click Save.

If you still do not receive either message, your email address may have been mistyped during the registration/update process. In this case, complete a technical support request.