[KB6258] "Website certificate revoked" is displayed when visiting legitimate web pages


  • The following notification appears on your desktop: "Website certificate revoked"
  • You are experiencing issues accessing sites online that you can usually access
  • This issue affects all internet users and is the responsibility of the certificate owner, not ESET


This warning is displayed when your ESET product detects that the security certificate for a website is revoked.

Figure 1-1

ESET cannot resolve the issue because only the owner of a domain can renew their security certificate. You cannot choose to continue to the site using the insecure certificate.

This issue may be caused by replacing an expired R3 intermediate certificate. Visit this tool to see if a website is using an expired certificate.

Read more about resolving an expired R3 intermediate certificate.

Revoked SSL certificates cannot be excluded

Revoked SSL certificates cannot be excluded, even in web browsers, because it is a security risk. It can be only avoided by excluding IP addresses, but web browsers will still block access. We only recommend going to the website if they fix the certificate.

Optionally, you can check the state of the web certificate on any trusted SSL check portal available online.

Disabling SSL or TLS filtering will reduce your level of protection

We do not recommend disabling SSL/TLS filtering (or excluding your default browser from SSL scanning) unless you are an experienced user. Doing so will significantly reduce your ESET product's ability to detect hidden threats using HTTPS.

If you continue to experience issues accessing sites, clear your CRL and OCSP cache.