[KB3475] ESET Multi-Device Security FAQ


What is ESET Multi-Device Security?

ESET Multi-Device Security is a bundle of ESET products that you can activate using a single license. A Multi-Device Security license allows you to install any combination of the following ESET products:

  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Windows
  • ESET Internet Security for Windows
  • ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro for Mac OS X
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux*
  • ESET Mobile Security (for Android)
  • ESET Parental Control for Android**

*This product can only be activated using your ESET-issued Username and Password, it does not accept a License Key.

**This product will initially take up one seat from your total license count. Afterward, you can install the product on all your family's devices without using additional licenses.


Is ESET Multi-Device Security available online as well as in stores?

Yes, ESET Multi-Device Security is available for purchase online as well as in retail. Purchase ESET Multi-Device Security online.


When does my license expire?

You can verify the expiration date of your ESET Multi-Device Security license from within the installed products themselves.

How do I activate and install my ESET Multi-Device Security?

Click here for detailed instructions.

After installing your first product:

Make sure to start with Step 2 installation in the Multi-Device Security installer. In the Product activation window, select Activate using License Key and enter the ESET-issued License Key you received when you registered your ESET Multi-Device Security activation key.


After installing my first ESET Multi-Device Security product, how soon should I activate and install the remainder of the products?

Your ESET Multi-Device Security license is good for one year from the date that you activate and install your first product. We highly recommend that you activate and install ESET on the remainder of your machines as soon as possible. 


How do I renew ESET Multi-Device Security?

Renew ESET Multi-Device Security.

What do I do after renewing?

After renewing ESET Multi-Device Security, no action is required on your part. Please note that there might be a brief delay before your new expiration date is displayed in your ESET product(s).

I don't have a working CD drive—how do I install ESET Multi-Device Security?

If you do not have a working CD drive, click here for step-by-step instructions.