[KB6866] ESET Management Agent FAQ (7.x)


  1. What is the ESET Management Agent?

    The ESET Management Agent is an essential component of ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) 7. The ESET Management Agent facilitates communications between client computers (endpoints and servers) with ESET products installed and the ESET Security Management Center Server (ESMC Server). The ESET Management Agent is required for client computers to be remotely managed from ESMC. The ESET Management Agent stores and enforces policies for the client computer on which it is installed with or without an Internet connection. This allows client computers to respond more quickly to threats, and eliminates the risk of a client becoming vulnerable to a threat if it cannot communicate with the ESMC Server.
  2. How do I deploy the ESET Management Agent to clients?

    The ESET Management Agent can be deployed to client computers from ESET Security Management Center Web Console (ESMC Web Console) or remotely via Deployment ToolSCCM or GPO.
  1. I received an error in ESMC Web Console while deploying the ESET Management Agent—what should I do?

    See our ESET Management Agent deployment troubleshooting article for resolutions to common issues that can occur during deployment.

  2. When I install the ESET Management Agent, I am asked for a certificate and certification authority—Where do I get these?

    You can export the Agent certificate and Certification Authority that are required for installation of the ESET Management Agent from the ESMC Web Console.

  3. How do I use the Agent Live Installer to deploy the ESET Management Agent to macOS computers?

    The .tar.gz file that is distributed by ESMC Web Console needs to be extracted and run using the command line to install the ESET Management Agent on macOS. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

  4.  How can I change the frequency at which the ESET Management Agent checks into the ESMC Server?

    This setting is configured in your policy for the ESET Management Agent. By default, the Agent will connect to the ESMC Server every minute. Click here for step-by-step instructions to edit the connection interval for ESET Management Agents on your network.

    Alternatively, you can send a one-time wake-up call to Agents from ESMC Web Console to force them to check in immediately.

  5.  I am changing to a new ESMC Serverhow do I reconfigure my ESET Management Agents to communicate with my new ESMC Server?

    To reconfigure settings for ESET Management Agents, migrate certifcates and adjust the ESET Management Agent Policy in the ESMC Web Console

  6. I just installed the ESET Management Agent but my client computer is not appearing in the ESMC Web Console—what should I do?

    Your client computers should check into ESMC Server within 20 minutes if you are using the correct settings. You can send a one-time wake-up call to Agents from ESMC Web Console to force them to check in immediately, or if that does not work, you can add computers to ESMC manually.

  7. How is the ESET Management Agent managed?

    The ESET Management Agent is managed from the ESMC Web Console via a policy that is unique to the ESET Management Agent and different from your policy for client computers.

  8. I just installed Apache HTTP Proxydo I need to make changes to my Agent configuration?

    Yes. See the following articles for details about how to configure ESET Management Agent for use with Apache HTTP Proxy:
  9. If I install a later version of ESMC Server, do I need to upgrade the ESET Management Agent as well?

    We recommend that you check to make sure that you are using the correct version of the ESET Management Agent with your version of ESMC Server. Click here for a list of ESMC Server versions and the component modules that should be used with them.