[KB6774] Send a wake-up call to client computers to execute a task immediately in ESET Security Management Center (7.x)


  • Client tasks are executed the next time the client computer checks in, not when you create them




When you create a new task in ESET Security Management Center Web Console (ESMC Web Console), the task is added to a queue and will be executed automatically the next time the client computers check in. If you want to have a task execute immediately, you can send a wake-up call to client computers. The client computers will check in as soon as they receive the wake-up call, and any queued tasks that were set to run immediately (or at a time earlier than when the wake-up call was sent) will be executed.


ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) 7 User Permissions

This article assumes that your ESMC user has the correct access rights and permissions to perform the tasks below.

If you are still using the default Administrator user, or you are unable to perform the tasks below (the option is grayed out), see the following article to create a second administrator user with all access rights (you only need to do this once):

View permissions needed for least privilege user access

A user must have the following permissions for each affected object:

Functionality Read Use Write
Groups & Computers

Once these permissions are in place, follow the steps below.

  1. Open ESET Security Management Web Console (ESMC Web Console) in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Computers and select the check box next to each computer that you want to send a wake-up call to.
  3. Click Actions → Send Wake-Up Call.

Figure 1-1
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  1. A notification that the wake-up call has been sent will be displayed. Click OK. Queued tasks will execute the next time that clients check in to ESET Security Management Center.

Figure 1-2