[KB6241] Subscribe to ESET Support News, Alerts and Customer Advisories


You can subscribe to ESET Knowledgebase Support News and Customer Advisories notifications to receive emails automatically when new content is published to these channels. The sections below include links to subscribe to each of these informative channels.

Figure 1-1

Once you have subscribed, we recommend that you whitelist the email address esetkb_news_en@newsletter.feedpress.com to ensure that newsletters or alert notifications are received in your primary mailbox. If you are not receiving newsletters, please check your Spam, Social or Promotional mailboxes to ensure newsletters are not being redirected.

Support News

The ESET Knowledgebase Support News channel publishes regular updates about ESET product releases and service releases, allowing ESET users and partners to follow along with new developments.

Each newsletter links to additional information about new product versions including a comprehensive changelog that details:

  • New product features
  • Bugfixes
  • Known issues
  • Support resources for existing users

Click Subscribe below and type in your email address to begin receiving the Support newsletter.

Subscribe to Support News

Customer Advisories

ESET Customer Advisories include important information for more technical ESET users and notes about technical changes to ESET products. Some examples include:

  • Module reviews—a catalog of specific changes made to ESET product modules in recently distributed updates.
  • Cyber Security updates—Information about operating system vulnerabilities, product compatibility and other technical updates.

Subscribe to Customer Advisories

Knowledgebase Alerts

ESET Knowledgebase alerts are published to notify ESET users and partners about important security issues or ESET product issues that could potentially affect them such as:

  • New malware threats
  • Potential conflicts with operating systems
  • Issues in ESET products
As of now, the alerts are visible on every page at support.eset.com. The subscribe option is not available at the moment.

ESET Status Portal

Stay informed about incidents and planned maintenance affecting the ESET cloud services.

You can subscribe to ESET Status Portal (RSS) to receive notifications automatically when new content is published on this channel.