[KB103] ESET Windows home products activation and registration FAQ


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  1. I have a 3-computer license and receive an error during activation - what do I do?
    If you receive an error message (such as "Activation failed") during activation, it is likely because you already used a retail code when you installed your first computer. After activating your first computer with a retail code, you should receive an email from ESET with your License Key, which should then be used to activate your remaining computers (reinstallations of ESET also require that you use your License Key).

    For instructions to install and activate on your second and third machines, see Register and install ESET Multi-Device Security.

  2. How do I activate my ESET product?
    If you purchased your ESET product from a third-party vendor, you must activate the software to receive a valid License Key.

  3. Do I need to activate my ESET product?
    If you already received a License Key or Username and Password from ESET, then you do not need to register your retail code or license key again, but make sure that you enter your Username, Password, or License Key into your ESET product. Without a properly entered License Key, you will not be able to receive the detection engine updates that are critical for maximum protection.

  4. What password should I use when completing the online form?
    The password for the activation form is made up by you and is unrelated to any ESET Username and Password that you receive via email.

  5. I receive the error message telling me that the serial number or activation key I entered is incorrect.

    • Make sure to enter the retail code/license key exactly as it appears.
    • Your serial number/activation key is case sensitive and any hyphens are necessary. A big "0" is the number zero (0), a little "o" is the lowercase letter o.

  6. How do I know if I have successfully completed the activation process?