[NEWS8134] ESET Windows products compatibility with Windows 11


Beginning October 5th, 2021, eligible Microsoft users can install Windows 11.

Currently, all officially supported ESET home and business products that are compatible with Windows 10 will run on Windows 11, but it is not guaranteed.

We expect fully supported and compatible ESET products starting from version 15 of ESET Windows home products and version 9 of ESET endpoint products for Windows. These newer versions of ESET products bring changes to drivers that are required for full support with Windows 11.

Planned release dates:

  • ESET home products (version 15) - October 19. 2021
  • ESET endpoint products (version 9) - December 2021

For information on which products are officially supported, see our End of Life policy for home products and business products.

We will continue to update this article as we expect the compatibility of ESET products with Windows 11 to change in the future due to new Windows software updates and requirements.