[KB3507] Microsoft Windows XP end of support and ESET products


North American Technical Support for business customers with Windows XP

Only North American ESET business customers with Windows XP are eligible to contact ESET Technical Support for help resolving product issues (as long as they have a valid product license) but should be aware that future versions of ESET products will not support Windows XP.

For use with Windows XP, ESET recommends the following product versions:


ESET support for business products running on Windows XP

ESET is committed to maintaining support for customers with ESET business products installed on the Windows XP operating system and will continue to offer the following services during the support period (valid through February 2022):

  • Regular detection engine updates for the latest threats
  • Constant updates to other parts of the antivirus engine such as the proactive detection module. This may not include new detection technology that requires new product versions to work properly
  • Support requests received by ESET Technical Support 

Upgrade for free to the latest version of your ESET product

While your service from ESET will not change, your system protection might not be up to par with our latest products as some of our newest detection technology cannot backport. Also, your system could become more vulnerable to threats because it will no longer receive regular system updates from Microsoft. Regular system updates are used to repair exploits and patch existing security vulnerabilities.

  • To maintain the highest level of security, we recommend that you upgrade your operating system or move your important data onto a computer with a more current operating system.
  • We recommend that you use the latest supported version of your ESET product to maintain the highest degree of protection available with the Windows XP operating system.

Do I have the latest version of ESET Remote Administrator / ESET endpoint products?

Upgrade to Windows XP Service Pack 3

When installing ESET business products on Windows XP, an error message might display. Install Service Pack 3 for Windows XP to allow installation of the ESET product you want to install. For more information and installation instructions see Windows XP Service Pack 3.

More information

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