[KB7735] Activate ESET business products using ESET PROTECT or ESET PROTECT On-Prem


Required user permissions

This article assumes that you have the appropriate access rights and permissions to perform the tasks below.

If you use the default Administrator user or are unable to perform the tasks below (the option is unavailable), create a second administrator user with all access rights.

  • Activate ESET products installed on your endpoints or server using a task in ESET PROTECT or ESET PROTECT On-Prem
  • You can use this task to activate all common ESET PROTECT and ESET PROTECT On-Prem components, including ESET Mobile Device Manager (ESET PROTECT)



Activate ESET products using the ESET PROTECT Web Console:

 Endpoint users: Perform these steps on individual client workstations.

  1. Open ESET PROTECT or ESET PROTECT On-Prem in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Tasks All Tasks → ESET Security Product → Product Activation and click New → Client Task.

    Figure 1-1
  3. Type a task name into the Name field.

    Figure 1-2
  4. Click the Settings section. Click the pre-selected license under ESET license.

    Figure 1-3
  5. Select the check box next to a valid license from the repository and click OK. click here for instructions to add product licenses in ESET PROTECT or ESET PROTECT On-Prem.

    Figure 1-4
  6. Click Finish.

  7. Create a trigger and add target computers or groups to execute your Product Activation task.

  8. To check the task status, click the three dots icon next to the appropriate task name and select Show Details from the context menu.

    Figure 1-5
  9. Click the Executions tab and verify your task status in the Status column.

    Figure 1-6