[KB7655] Deploy the ESET Management Agent (8.x – 10.x)



The ESET Management Agent facilitates communication between client computers, other ESET PROTECT components and the ESET PROTECT Server. The ESET Management Agent must be installed on all client computers where other ESET PROTECT components or ESET Endpoint products are installed.


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The ESET Management Agent can be installed using Local Deployment or Remote Deployment. Read the descriptions below and then click the appropriate link to view step-by-step instructions:

Local deployment

  • All-in-one installer (Windows only) – Download the ESET Management Agent and your ESET security product in the same package.

  • Agent Script Installer (Windows/Linux/macOS) – Client computers receive a pre-configured Live Installer package from the ESET PROTECT Server in the form of a batch (.bat) file. The admin or user runs the batch file to download and install ESET Management Agent. This is the suggested method for small to medium-sized networks.

  • Download the ESET Management Agent from the ESET website and manually install it on your client computer:
    • Windows – Server-assisted or Offline installation
    • Linux – Server-assisted or Offline installation
    • macOS

Remote deployment

  • GPO or SCCM (Windows only)—Distribute the ESET Management Agent for enterprise environments or environments with a high number of client computers.

  • Agent Deployment Server Task (Windows/Linux/macOS) – Use the ESET PROTECT Web Console to locate unmanaged computers, execute a task, and silently install the ESET Management Agent on clients. This is the suggested method for enterprise applications.

  • ESET Remote Deployment Tool (Windows only) – A convenient way to distribute the ESET Management Agent together with an ESET product on client computers. You can use custom-created installers.

If you are performing a new installation of ESET PROTECT, proceed to: Deploy ESET endpoint products to client computers.