[KB6980] Identify and report pirated ESET licenses



Identify a pirated license

If a license fulfills any of the following situations, it is most likely counterfeit or pirated:
  • You are offered a home license that is valid for four or more years. Valid ESET home licenses are currently only offered for up to three years.
  • The price of the license is heavily discounted. Generally, if a consolidator or wholesaler of ESET products offers their older inventory at a discounted rate, it is generally discounted by only 10%-25% of the retail price.
  • You are sold "download only", "electronic delivery", "immediate delivery", "delivery of key via email" or other similar wording by a third party or reseller. Legitimate ESET home software is only ever sold by a third party or reseller in a physical form, such as a box or case with a CD, or a card with the serial number on it. Licenses for directly downloadable ESET home software are only available directly from ESET or its authorized distributors listed on our ESET Worldwide Partners page.

Report a pirated license

If you have purchased a pirated license or identified a listing that you believe is offering a pirated license, open a case with Technical Support. If possible, provide us with the complete URL of the listing. These URLs often contain the inventory number for the item, which is what we need to investigate further. While screenshots of web browsers are helpful, they often do not include the complete URL.