[KB6205] Manage auto-pay settings for your ESET licenses (US and Canada customers only)



Only US and Canadian Customers can use auto-pay at this time

Customers outside of the US and Canada must still renew their licenses manually.

If you recently made a purchase from the ESET eStore (eset.com/us/ or eset.com/ca/), auto-pay may be activated for your ESET licenses.

Figure 1-1

To view or change auto-pay settings for your licenses, visithttp://www.eset.com/us/estore/myaccount(US) orhttp://www.eset.com/ca/estore/myaccount(Canada).

You will be prompted to enter your eStore Username (your email address) and Password.This Username and Password is unique to the ESET eStore, where you purchase ESET products and licenses. Click here if you forgot your eStore Password and then click "Forgot Password".

What is the auto-pay agreement?

The auto-pay agreement is available on theeStore cart page and will be emailed to you after submitting yourorder.

Can I activate auto-pay for my older ESET products?

Yes. You can activate auto-pay for any home product licenses purchased from the eStoreas long as the license does not expire within the next 10 days.

How do I turn off auto-pay?

Anytime after your purchase, you can opt out of auto-pay from your ESET eStore My Account page.

Access your account settings from the USeStore My AccountorCanada eStore My Accountand next to the license you want to turn off Subscriptions, click Turn offauto-pay.

You will only be able to see your product licenses that are eligible for auto-pay.

Update account information

Log in to yourUSeStore My AccountorCanada eStore My Accountto update your account information. Click Edit email, Edit password, or Edit billing to change your information in the respective sections. You must have an existing eStore Account to be able to log in and change your information.

Figure 1-2

Will I receive a notification before ESET renews my license?

Yes. Before your security license expires, ESET will email you that your license will be automatically renewed using the auto-pay details we have on file. To change your auto-pay settings, see the sections above.

See our Licensing FAQ for additional questions about ESET product licensing, or contact Technical Support if you are unable to find an answer to your question online.