[KB5552] Enable or Disable ESET LiveGrid®


Enable or disable ESET LiveGrid® (Windows and macOS) | Enable or disable ESET LiveGrid® (Business)

What is ESET LiveGrid®?

ESET LiveGrid® is a preventative system that gathers information about threats from ESET users around the world. The ESET LiveGrid® database contains reputation information about potential threats. When enabled, ESET LiveGrid® can detect and block the most recently introduced threats. This makes ESET LiveGrid® a particularly effective way to defend against rapidly changing threats such as new types of ransomware (for example Cryptolocker, Crypto wall, etc.).

LiveGrid® servers locations

Our LiveGrid® servers are located in Bratislava, Vienna and San Diego, however, those are only the servers, that are responding to requests from the clients. The actual processing of submitted samples only happens in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Enable or disable ESET LiveGrid®

If you installed your ESET product using default settings, it is likely that ESET LiveGrid® is already enabled. Follow the steps below for your ESET product (Home or Business) to check if ESET LiveGrid® is enabled.

Figure 1-1

Test that ESET LiveGrid® is enabled

It is possible that your company firewall may block ESET LiveGrid® communications, so you should verify that it is enabled and working properly.

  1. Visit the following web page of the testing organization AMTSO:

  2. Click the link LAUNCH THE TEST to download the test file "cloudcar.exe," or click the download button below:

    Download CloudCar Testfile
  3. If ESET LiveGrid® is enabled and working properly, the file will open on ESET’s servers and will be blocked. The file will not be downloaded onto your computer and the following message will be displayed:

Figure 1-2
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ESET Home products: Enable or disable ESET LiveGrid®

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ESET Business products: Enable or disable ESET LiveGrid®

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