[KB7214] Write a ProxyMatch expression for configuration of Apache HTTP Proxy with ESMC 7


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This content applies to an ESET product version that is currently in End of Life status and is no longer supported. This content is no longer updated. 

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You are setting up Apache HTTP Proxy in one of these scenarios:

You need to modify the httpd.conf configuration file and add a new ProxyMatch segment with the address of ESMC Server as a regular expression (regex).



The tool below creates a simple regular expression in case you have an ESMC Server with one hostname and IP address. Apache HTTP Proxy accepts also more complex regular expressions.

Click the Create ProxyMatch expression button below to see the example code:

  • Substitute esmc7 for your hostname, esmc7.example.local for your FQDN in proper escaped form, and for your IP address.
  • You can provide only the values for items you want to use (for example only IP address, or FQDN and IP).
  • Click Copy to clipboard to copy the generated code and add the whole segment of the code to your configuration file.