[KB6773] Push uninstall to client workstations using ESET Security Management Center (7.x)


  • Perform a push uninstall to password-protected and non-password-protected client(s) using ESET Security Management Center


The Software Uninstall task is used to uninstall ESET products from client computers. If you are uninstalling ESET Management Agent, ESET products managed by that Agent may retain some settings after the Agent is uninstalled. We recommend that you reset some settings (for example, password protection) to the default settings using a policy before the client device is removed from management. All tasks currently running on the Agent will be abandoned. The Running, Finished or Failed execution status of this task may not be displayed accurately in ESMC Web Console depending on replication.


 Endpoint users: Perform these steps on individual client workstations

ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) 7 User Permissions

This article assumes that your ESMC user has the correct access rights and permissions to perform the tasks below.

If you are still using the default Administrator user, or you are unable to perform the tasks below (the option is grayed out), see the following article to create a second administrator user with all access rights (you only need to do this once):

View permissions needed for least privilege user access

A user must have the following permissions for their home group:

Functionality Read Use Write
Software Uninstall (under Client Tasks) 

A user must have the following permissions for each affected object:

Functionality Read Use Write
Groups & Computers
Once these permissions are in place, follow the steps below.
  1. Open ESET Security Management Web Console (ESMC Web Console) in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Client Tasks.

  1. Expand All Tasks → Operating system, select Software Uninstall and click New.

Figure 1-1
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  1. Type a Name for your new task. The Description field is optional.

Figure 1-2
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  1. Click Settings and click Select package to uninstall.

Figure 1-3
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To uninstall on password-protected clients

If the settings on the client workstation(s) are password-protected, type PASSWORD= into the Uninstallation parameters field, followed by the password. Click OK. If the settings are not password-protected, skip this step. 

  1. Select the ESET product to uninstall and then click OK.

Figure 1-4
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  1. Click Finish and then click Create Trigger.

Figure 1-5

  1. Create a new trigger and run the task

See our Online Help topic for more information about Client Tasks.