[KB8286] ESET PROTECT Mobile Device Management component is scheduled for End of Life



The exact version number for the last release of the MDM component for ESET PROTECT is not known at this time but will be announced at a later date.


Important dates

  • End of 2022: The last release of the MDM component for ESET PROTECT is planned for the end of 2022. 

  • End of 2022 - December 2023: The MDM component of ESET PROTECT will be in Limited Support until December 2023. 

  • Beginning of 2024: The MDM component of ESET PROTECT will reach End of Life status.

MDM End of Life only affects ESET PROTECT and will not affect ESET PROTECT Cloud

  • The Mobile Device Management component for ESET PROTECT Cloud (CMDM) will continue to be fully supported.

  • If you want to continue using Mobile Device Management from the ESET Management console, we highly recommend migrating from on-premises ESET PROTECT MDM to ESET PROTECT Cloud CMDM.

Continuation of protection

  • ESET Endpoint Security for Android will continue to be fully supported even after the MDM component is End of Life and will provide full protection on the endpoint/mobile device. However, the management of such devices will not be guaranteed after the MDM End of Life date. To maintain the functionality of the endpoint/mobile device management with MDM, migration to CMDM is required.

  • Management of ESET PROTECT MDM for iOS & iPadOS will be functional within the limits of the End of Life. To maintain full functionality, we highly recommended migrating to CMDM.

Migrate from MDM to CMDM

  • We recommend manually unenrolling from on-premises MDM and enrolling devices into ESET PROTECT Cloud CMDM.

  • If you are in a situation where you require a license upgrade to a cloud license, we recommend contacting an ESET partner in your region to learn more about our cloud subscriptions.