[KB7776] Use ESET Uninstaller Tool in Safe Mode on an Azure VM



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Users can boot an Azure VM into Safe Mode with a Network. The Microsoft Remote Desktop Service will be disabled in Safe Mode to protect the machine.

System backup

Before running the ESET Uninstaller tool, take a Snapshot and full backup of the VM.



  1. Enable Safe Mode
  2. Run the ESET Uninstaller in Safe Mode
  3. Disable Safe Mode

I. Enable Safe Mode

  1. Download the ESET Uninstaller Tool using a Local Administrator Account and save the file to the Desktop.

  2. Press the Windows key, type Windows Administrator Tools and select Windows Administrator Tools. Select System Configuration.

  3. Click Boot. Under Boot options, select the check box next to Safe boot and select Network.

    Figure 1-1
  4. Click OK and click Restart to boot to Safe Mode.

II. Run the ESET Uninstaller in Safe Mode

  1. In the Azure Portal, click the VM name.

  2. Click Support and Troubleshooting and select Serial Console.

  3. A command prompt window will open on the right-hand side.

    Figure 2-1
  4. Type cmd.

    Figure 2-2
  5. Type ch -si 1 to select the new Channel.

    Figure 2-3
  6. Press any key to continue to the login screen. Enter the information requested:

    • Username – Local Administrator or Domain Admin
    • Domain – Leave blank if using a Local Administrator Account
    • Password – Account password

      Figure 2-4
  7. After logging in, the Standard Microsoft Command Prompt interface will be displayed.

    Figure 2-5
  8. Update the working directory path to the desktop that contains the esetuninstaller.exe file, using your username. cd \Users\[username]\Desktop.

    Figure 2-6
  9. Type esetunisntaller.exe and press the Enter key to load the tool.

    Figure 2-7
  10. Follow the on-screen prompts:

    • Are you sure you wish to continue?: Type y.
    • Type the assigned number of the product to be uninstalled.

      Figure 2-8
    • Are you sure you want to uninstall ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server from this OS? (y/n): Type y.

  11. After the uninstall is complete, the ESET Uninstaller window will close. 

    Figure 2-9

III. Disable Safe Mode

  1. In the Windows Boot Loader, type bcdedit /enum. If safeboot displays Minimal or Network, Safe Mode is enabled.

Figure 3-1
  • To disable Safe Mode, in the Windows Boot Loader, type bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot.
  • Run the command from step 1 of this section to confirm that Safe Mode has been disabled.
  • To normally restart your VM type shutdown /r /t 1.
  • After your VM has restarted, reinstall your ESET product.

Affected Products (ESET and Other Applications)

All ESET Applications that can be installed on Windows Operating Systems.

Affected Operating Systems

Operating System Affected
Windows 7 Yes
Windows 8/8.1 Yes
Windows 10
Windows Server 2003/R2 Yes
Windows Server 2008 with SP2 Yes
Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 Yes
Windows Server2012/R2 Yes
Windows Server 2016 Yes
Windows Server 2019 Yes