[KB7740] Information regarding Security and Stability Hotfixes in ESET endpoint products (9.x – 10.x)


Security and Stability Hotfixes are a part of the ESET product updates. ESET uses Security and Stability Hotfixes to address critical issues and ensure the maximum security and stability of your ESET product.

Security and Stability Hotfixes are distributed to all ESET business endpoint products in the same way as regular uPCU updates. Due to their nature and importance, you cannot disable Security and Stability Hotfixes, even if you disable automatic updates.

Hotfixes are distributed automatically to all supported versions. They undergo much more dynamic Quality Assurance processes and contain only essential modifications. Each Security and Stability Hotfix update must guarantee that:

  • It contains all bug fixes from previous security and stability updates for a given product version
  • Product major and minor versions are not changed
  • End-user license agreement in the product is not changed
  • No functionality is added, removed, or modified
  • Product requirements for hardware and software are not changed

Before installing the Security and Stability Hotfix, your ESET product may display "Security Alert. Restart required." or "Security and stability update to newer version is prepared. Restart your computer for all changes to take effect". If you have more updates pending before a restart, your ESET product will update automatically to the latest version and install all hotfixes.