[KB3096] My ESET Windows home product blocks access to a website, web page or domain (15.x – 16.x)


  • You receive an "Access denied" notification from your ESET product when attempting to visit a specific website or domain
  • Your ESET product displays the notification "Address has been blocked" or "Website blocked"

    Figure 1-1


To protect your system from potential threats, your ESET product may automatically prevent access to specific websites or domains known to have malicious traffic, content, or ads. If ESET is blocking a website your know to be safe, you can create an exclusion for that website. However, we recommend using caution when creating website exclusions

Submit false positives to ESET for analysis

If access to a website/domain is blocked by your ESET product and you know that the website is safe, report this to samples@eset.com. When reporting a false positive, use the instructions detailed in this Knowledgebase article. You can also submit a false positive from the main program window in your ESET product by clicking Tools → More tools → Submit sample for analysis.

Your ESET product will also block websites that you have added to the Blocked addresses list. If you want to modify this list, click here for step-by-step instructions.