Ingram Cloud Marketplace—Getting Started


End of support for version 6.4 and 6.5 of ESET Remote Administrator / MDM

ESET Remote Administrator version 6.5 is currently in Limited Support status and will soon be in Basic Support status. It is expected to reach End of Life status in December 2020.

ESET Remote Administrator version 6.4 is currently in basic support status and is expected to reach End of Life status in December 2019.

The MDM functionality in ESET Remote Administrator version 6 is in Basic Support status as of April 11, 2019. After this date, MDM version 6 will no longer be available for download.

Welcome to the Ingram Cloud Marketplace! The resources available here will help you get up and running in the Ingram Cloud Marketplace as quickly as possible. To begin:


Create your Security Admin account

To view your newly purchased licenses in the ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) Management Console, associate them to an ESET Security Admin account. Once licenses are linked to an ESET Security Admin account, you can add account(s) in ERA and then access the account(s) using the appropriate username and password. This allows you to manage and deploy licenses assigned to a specific Security Admin account.

Follow the instructions below to create and add your licenses in the Ingram Cloud Marketplace:

  1. Log into the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

  2. In the Reseller Control panel, search for the applicable ESET customer.

  3. Click the Customer Control panel icon.

Figure 1-1

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  1. Click ESET.

  2. As a reseller, you must create your own unique Security Administrator account. Click Add new Security Administrator. In the applicable fields, enter your email and password. To associate all licenses to your account, select the box beside the applicable ESET Subscription ID(s) and then click Add.

Figure 1-1

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  1. Do you already have ERA installed?


Things to remember:

  • If you want to manage your customers' licenses on their behalf, you must download ESET Remote Administrator. If your customers plan to manage their own licenses, they can install ERA on their own network.
  • If you are going to manage licenses for a customer, the Security Admin email address should be your email address. Otherwise, use the customer's email address. In either case, the password created is one of your choice.
  • You will use your ESET Security Admin email and password only to log into ERA to add licenses. Your ERA username and password, used to log into ERA, are different.
  • ERA can link to multiple ESET Security Admin accounts, which is useful if you plan to manage separate customer accounts on your central ERA server.
  • Security Admin accounts can be linked to multiple licenses, which is useful if you want to use a single Admin account to get updates automatically from many licenses.  

Review ERA best practices

Watch the ERA best practices for set up and configuration video available below and configure your ERA accordingly.

Configure ERA licenses bought in the Ingram Cloud Marketplace

Download and read in its entirety the ESET Remote Administrator v6 Getting Started Guide for MSPs. Complete all steps in the guide in your environment.


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