[KB7915] Add or remove password protection of ESET security product settings from ESET PROTECT (8.x)



 Endpoint users: Perform these steps on individual client workstations

ESET PROTECT 8.x User Permissions

This article assumes that your ESET PROTECT user has the correct access rights and permissions to perform the tasks below.


If you are still using the default Administrator user, or you are unable to perform the tasks below (the option is  grayed out), see the following article to create a second administrator user with all the access rights (you only need to do this once): Create a second administrator user in ESET PROTECT


Add password protection

  1. Open the ESET PROTECT Web Console in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Policies and select the desired Built-in policy.

  3. Select the policy that you want to modify.

  4. Click Actions → Edit.

Figure 1-1
  1. Click Settings, then click User Interface.

  2. Expand the Access Setup menu. Click Set next to Password Settings for your version of Endpoint.

Figure 1-2
  1. Type the password in the New password and Confirm password fields. Click OK to save your changes.
Figure 1-3
  1. Click Finish to save your changes. Client computers will receive the changes the next time they log in to the ESET PROTECT Server.
Figure 1-4


Remove password protection

  1. Edit the policy.

  2. Click Settings → User Interface → Access Setup.

  3. Under Password Settings, click Remove. Verify that the dot next to Password Settings is blue . Click Finish.

Figure 2-1