[KB7420] Legacy products startup issue FAQ

Last Updated: March 4, 2020, 08:30 AM CET


  1. Is there going to be a method to mass deploy this fix on Windows XP via ESMC?
    If using an ESMC agent compatible with Windows XP, then the Run Command task should be able to help with this.

  2. We are waiting for the new package. Where can we learn the latest information about the release of EES/EFSW 6.5 for Windows XP and 2003.
    The builds are being prepared and tested continuously. Most recent information can be found here at support.eset.com.

  3. Should we restart the server or client?
    No, the computer must not be rebooted, regardless if server product or endpoint product.

  4. Some customers with version 6.5 are not experiencing this issue. Should we do anything in this situation?
    There might be circumstances when the issue does not occur, and we were not able to investigate why, so it should be safe for these customers to postpone machine reboots.

  5. Can we apply the new build over an affected Endpoint/File Security, or do we need to apply the CertFix first?
    No, unfortunately, you need to apply the CertFix first.

  6. When/where will the questions be answered?
    You can ask questions in official support channels, and they should be answered as soon as possible. The Legacy products startup issue alert is updated periodically.

  7. I cannot remove ekrn.exe from Control Panel - so should we manual uninstall in the case of a few thousands of endpoints manually?
    Please contact support to handle this particular case with more attention.

  8. I have ESET File Security 6.5 with non-working modules - it is AD Controller, and we cannot reboot it. What should I do right now? Wait for another fix?
    We have released an update that should fix the issue in most cases and versions automatically if the device has not been restarted since the issue manifested itself. Please check if that device is fully updated as of today.

  9. Why do you recommend the installation of v5 business and v9 home products, while they are not supported anymore?
    If you cannot upgrade to newer versions (e.g., ESET Endpoint Antivirus/ESET Endpoint Security 7.2), you should use the repackaged builds. It is strongly recommended that everyone else upgrade to the latest possible version. If you want to download the installation file for a previous version of your ESET home product, read How to download and install ESET offline or install older version of ESET products.

  10. Why CertFix.rar? Could you add the link for *.exe so everyone can use their scripts via PowerShell with your global link?
    CertFix was originally offered in .rar because some browsers are blocking executables. After hearing a lot of similar feedback, there will be both a compressed file version and .exe version available for download.