[KB6958] Install ESET security product for macOS using ESET PROTECT Cloud Live Installer


  • You created an ESET Live Installer using ESET PROTECT Cloud


  1. Open the ESET Live Installer .pkg file and click Continue to start the installation wizard.
  1. Read the ESET System requirements and make sure your system meets them. Click Continue.
Figure 1-1
  1. ESET Live Installer will download the installation files for the ESET Management Agent and your ESET security product. When the download is complete, click Continue.
    The installer requires a direct internet connection

    ESET Live Installer requires an internet connection and does not work on an offline computer.

    ESET Live Installer on macOS requires a direct internet connection (to connect to ESET servers) and does not work on a macOS computer connected to the internet via Proxy with no direct internet connection.

Figure 1-2
  1. To save the installation files to use again, click the zip icon  and then click Continue to proceed with the installation.
Installing ESET Live Installer with pre-downloaded installation files

After you click the zip icon , the ESET installation files will download to your desktop (protect_data.zip). You can re-use the Live Installer file for the next installation of this ESET security product so that you do not need to download the installation files from the ESET servers again.

When you are using pre-downloaded installation files to run ESET Live Installer, make sure that the protect_data.zip installation file is in the same folder as the ESET Live Installer .pkg file.

Figure 1-3
  1. You have the option to Change Install Location before you click Install to install the ESET security product for macOS. You may need to enter your computer password to begin the installation.
Figure 1-4
  1. The ESET Management Agent and ESET security product are now installed on your computer. Click Close.

Figure 1-5