[KB38] What do I receive with an ESET product license?


With the purchase of an ESET product license, you will receive a unique Username, Password, and License Key that allows you to download the latest version of your ESET product (depending on which product license you have purchased), as well as receive ongoing program component and virus signature updates. The number of licenses you purchase should be the same as the number of computers you would like to install and use your ESET product on.

Licenses for ESET products provide updates for several different purposes—to detect new computer viruses and new malware in general, to provide software updates, and to add features or fix problems. Licenses can be purchased for one, two or three years. When a license expires, you may continue to use the software. However, you will not be able to download signature or program updates, nor will you be able to request technical support.

The trial version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus or ESET Smart Security is valid for thirty (30) days, during which time virus signature updates are downloaded as they would be in a licensed version. Trial versions of ESET products do not download program updates. At the end of the trial period, the program will stop downloading virus signature updates.

To detect threats and keep your computer fully protected, it is important for your antivirus solution to receive the latest updates. If you purchase an ESET product license after having downloaded the trial version of an ESET product, you can enter the ESET-issued Username, Password and/or License Key you receive in the order confirmation email to upgrade to the registered version. This will allow you to receive regular updates and stay fully protected.

To visit our purchase page, click here. For step-by-step instructions on renewing any version of ESET products, as well as entering your new Username, Password, or License Key into the program settings, click here.