[NEWS7872] ESET is renaming some of the business license bundles


As of May 14, 2021, ESET is renaming its Bundle licenses. This change will happen automatically on ESET License servers, and no additional action on the customer side is required. For a short period, during which different ESET systems will accommodate the change, the user can encounter both the old and the new name of the license Bundle.

The changes are as follows:

Old License Name New License Name Bundle availability in the ESET MSP Administrator (EMA2) portal Additional Change
ESET Endpoint Protection Standard ESET PROTECT Essential On-Prem n/a
ESET Endpoint Protection Standard Cloud ESET PROTECT Essential n/a
ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced ESET PROTECT Entry On-Prem n/a
ESET Dynamic Endpoint Protection AV-level ESET PROTECT Essential Plus On-Prem n/a
ESET Dynamic Endpoint Protection ESET PROTECT Advanced On-Prem Now also includes the EFDE license *
ESET Targeted Attack Protection ESET PROTECT Enterprise On-Prem Now also includes the EFDE license *
* For ESET Full Disk Encryption (EFDE) product activation, you can easily activate the EFDE product by selecting sections/menu and Licenses options in your ESET Business Account (EBA) portal. This requires the user to be managed and has an activated managed console.