[KB8366] Accessibility restriction on Android 13 for ESET mobile apps installed from .APK file


  • You received a Restricted settings warning when enabling accessibility permissions for ESET mobile application installed from the .APK file on Android 13.

If you installed your ESET mobile application from Google Play, this issue does not apply to you.

Warning varieties

Warnings can differ based on your device's manufacturer.


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In Android 13, Google introduced a new security feature. Applications that are installed from outside of Google Play will be blocked from enabling the accessibility permission.

You need to manually allow the app to be able to enable the accessibility permissions.


Prompt the warning

Start by attempting to enable the accessibility permissions from your mobile application. This attempt will be blocked. Otherwise, you will not be able to unblock it.

  1. Click OK.
    Figure 1-1
  2. Go to SettingsApps, and select your ESET mobile application.

    The paths and names of settings can vary based on your device's manufacturer.

  3. In the top-right corner, tap the three-dot menu button.
    Figure 1-2
  4. Tap Allow restricted settings.
    Figure 1-3
  5. Android will inform you that restricted settings are now allowed for your ESET mobile application.
    Figure 1-4
  6. Return to your ESET mobile application and repeat the process of enabling the accessibility permissions.