[KB7678] Create IDS rules on client workstations in your ESET endpoint product (9.x–10.x)


 ESET PROTECT users: Perform these steps in ESET PROTECT.

Create IDS rules on individual client workstations

  1. Open the main program window of your ESET Windows product.

  2. Press the F5 key to access Advanced setup. 

  3. Click Protections → Network attack protection and click Edit next to IDS rules.

    Figure 1-1
  4. Click Add.

    Figure 1-2
  5. Select the detection type from the Detection drop-down menu (in this example, Any detection is selected). In the Remote IP address field, type or copy/paste the machine's IP address with the software that scans the network. In the Action section, select No from the Block drop-down menu. Click OK three times to save the changes and exit the Advanced menu window.

    Duplicate IP address detection

    If you receive a "Duplicate ID addresses on network" notification, select Duplicate IP addresses on network in the Detection drop-down menu.

    Figure 1-3