[KB7080] Install Password Manager on iOS and Safari


  • Download and install ESET Password Manager 3.x from the Apple Store


The ESET Password Manager app for iOS can only be used to connect to an existing password store. If you have not yet set up a password store, set up Password Manager in ESET Smart Security Premium.

  1. In the app store, search for ESET Password Manager New. Click Get to download the app. You may be asked to sign in with your Apple ID.
Figure 1-1
  1. Tap Open when the app finishes downloading.
Figure 1-2
  1. Tap an option to allow or not allow ESET Password Manager to send you notifications. 
Figure 1-3
  1. Type the email address and password for your existing password store in the appropriate fields and tap Login. It may take a few moments for the database to synchronize with your device.
Figure 1-4
  1. Create and confirm a PIN.
Figure 1-5
  1. ESET Password Manager is now installed and ready to use. Tap Add account to get started.
Figure 1-6