[KB6982] Enable or disable detection of potentially unwanted/unsafe applications on an individual workstation in ESET endpoint products (9.x – 10.x)


 ESET PROTECT users: Perform these steps in ESET PROTECT

  1. Open the main program window of your ESET endpoint Windows product.

  2. Press the F5 key to access Advanced setup.

  3. Click Detection Engine, expand Real-Time & Machine Learning Protection and then select a radio button next to each setting to either enable or disable it according to your preference:

  • Malware (Reporting and Protection)
  • Potentially unwanted applications (Reporting and Protection)
  • Suspicious applications (Reporting and Protection)
  • Potentially unsafe applications (Reporting and Protection)

Versions 7.0 and 7.1: Click Detection Engine and click the slider bar next to your preferred setting to either enable or disable it. Click here to view a screenshot.

  1. Click OK when you are finished making changes.

Figure 1-1

To learn more about the Real-Time & Machine Learning Protection categories, visit our Online Help topic.