[KB3059] Which ESET Mobile Security for Android product do I have (Free or Premium)?



Follow the instructions below to determine which ESET Mobile Security for Android product you have installed on your device.

  1. Open ESETMobile Security for Android.
  2. Tap themenuicon→ License.
  3. The productname that is currently installedon your device is displayed on theYour license screen. If you are using the trial or premium product, the number of days left untilyourlicense expires is alsodisplayed.

If you are using the free or trial product,upgradeto premium.

If you have already purchased the premium product and your device has the free or trial version on it, activate your premium features.

Figure 1-1
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ESET Mobile Security for Android is offered in three products:

  • Free:A lifetime license for the Free product; it includesbasic features
  • Trial: A 30-day trial license forthe Full/Premiumproduct
  • Premium: Alicense for the Full/Premium product for the duration of your subscription

Features available in Free and Premium/Trial versions

Antivirus and Security
On-Demand Scan
Real-Time Protection
Scanning Logs
ESET Live Grid (Malware Submissions)
Detection of Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUA)
Device Monitoring
Apps Audit
Automatic Scheduled Scan
On-Charger Scan
Ignore threats List
SMS Command: Find (Locale)
SMS Command: Siren
SMS Command: Lock
Uninstall Protection
SIM Guard
SMS Command: Wipe
Anti-Theft Wizard
my.eset.com online account management
SMS & Call Filter
SMS / MMS / Call Blocking
Time-based Blocking
Group Blocking
Block Last Caller
Online Device Management
Suspicious State
Camera Pictures
Location Tracking
On Screen Message
Device is Low On Battery
Security Password Changed
General and Usability
Language Settings
USSD Control
Tablet Support
Setup Wizard
Customer Care Contact Form (Support)
Password Protection
Manual Update
Scheduled Updates
Automatic Update
Phone / Online Support
Fingerprint lock
Referral codes
Application lock