[KB2892] System Requirements for ESET Endpoint Security / ESET Endpoint Antivirus


  • System requirements for ESET Endpoint Security / ESET Endpoint Antivirus

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System Requirements for Version 8 ESET Endpoint Security/ESET Endpoint Antivirus (default product settings)

  • Intel or AMD processor, 32-bit (x86) with SSE2 instruction set or 64bit (x64), 1 GHz (see Note 1) or higher

  • Microsoft ® Windows ® 10/8.1/8/7 SP1 (see Note 4)

  • System requirements of the operating system and other software installed on the computer are fulfilled

  • 0.3 GB of free system memory (see Note 1)

  • 1 GB of free disk space(see Note 2)

  • Minimum display resolution 1024x768

  • Internet connection or a local area network connection to a source (see Note 3) of product updates


Windows XP and Windows Vista is no longer supported.

(1): The product might use more memory if the memory would be otherwise unused on a heavily infected computer or when huge lists of data are being imported into the product (e.g. URL white lists).
(2): The disk space needed to download the installer, install the product and to keep a copy of the installation package in program data as well as backups of product updates to support the rollback feature. The product might use more disk space under different settings (e.g. when more product update backup versions are stored, memory dumps or huge amounts of log records are kept) or on an infected computer (e.g. due to the quarantine feature). We recommend to keep enough free disk space to support the updates of the operating system and for ESET product updates.
(3): Although not recommended, the product might be updated manually from a removable media.
(4): Windows 7 SP1 with latest Windows updates (at least KB4474419 and KB4490628)

Although it might be possible to install and run the product on systems that do not meet these requirements, we recommend prior usability testing to be done based on performance requirements.

Version 7 ESET Endpoint Security/ESET Endpoint Antivirus

Version 6.6 ESET Endpoint Security/ESET Endpoint Antivirus

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This article applies to an ESET product version that is currently in End of Life status and is no longer supported. The content in this article is no longer updated. 

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