[KB2882] Automatically scan removable media devices in ESET Windows home products (14.x – 15.x)


By default, ESET Windows home products display scan options when you insert a removable media device into your machine. To avoid a pop-up notification, configure your ESET product to automatically scan removable media devices.


  1. Insert your trusted removable media device into your computer. In the New device detected pop-up notification window, click Setup.
Figure 1-1
  1. Expand Detection Engine and click Malware scans.
  2. Expand Removable Media, select Automatic device scan in the Action to take after inserting removable media drop-down menu and click OK to confirm.

    Now, any removable media device inserted into your computer will be automatically scanned by your ESET product without any prompt to take action.
Figure 1-2