[KB2771] Disable the Antispam feature in ESET Windows home products


Disabling Antispam will reduce your computer's protection

We do not recommend that you disable Antispam, doing so will reduce your computer's protection level. If you disable Antispam your ESET product will display an orange status indicating a limited protection level. Re-enable Antispam as soon as possible.

  1. Open your ESET Windows product. How do I open my ESET product?

  2. Click Setup → Internet protection.

Figure 1-1
  1. Click the slider bar next to Antispam protection.

Figure 1-2
  1. Select the length of time to disable Antispam protection and click Apply.

Figure 1-3
Re-enable protection

To re-enable Antispam protection, click SetupEnabled (next to Antispam protection) and then select Enable from the drop-down menu.

Figure 1-4