[KB6304] Remove a Dorkbot infection using the ESET Dorkbot cleaner


Your ESET product detects the Dorkbot (Win32) threat.



    1. Download ESETDorkbotCleaner.exe from ESET website.

    1. Open the location where you downloaded the ESETDorkbotCleaner.exe, right-click its select Run as administrator.

    1. Read the Software End-User License Agreement and click Agree if you agree.

    1. The tool will automatically search for threats. If the Dorkbot infection is detected, Dorkbot cleaner will ask you to confirm threat removal.

Figure 1-1

    1. Press Y to remove Dorkbot.

    1. ESET Dorkbot Cleaner will let you know when the threat is removed.

    1. To successfully complete threat removal, press any key to restart your computer.

Figure 1-2


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