[NEWS8471] Changes in ESET consumer offering

Starting November 15, 2023, ESET introduces a new subscription system for all home customers with three new simplified subscription tiers. Subscription tiers are designed to protect the overall household's digital life, privacy, and security.

These changes come with new functionalities such as VPN, Identity Protection (US Only), Browser privacy and Security extension and more.

The ESET HOME portal has been updated to be a complete security management platform, allowing you to manage your subscriptions, devices and overall protection of your household's online presence.

Main changes

  • License is being renamed to Subscription.
  • License Key is being renamed to activation key.
  • It is mandatory to have your subscription managed in ESET HOME to activate the new products. Improved ESET HOME serves as a complete security management platform.

For more information on subscriptions, visit our Subscription FAQ (Home users)

Types of subscriptions

  • Manual renewal subscriptions need to be manually renewed before it expires to keep the protection active.
  • Auto-renewal subscriptions will automatically renew until you cancel.  You will never lose protection.

New offer

You can select from one of the protection tiers that allows you to install any product it supports.

ESET HOME Security Essential–Entry level subscription tier contains modern security solutions such as real-time protection, Safe Banking & Browsing, Network Inspector, Browser Privacy & Security feature, Browser Cleanup and more.

ESET HOME Security Premium–The middle tier brings more security features. Password Manager helps you manage and protect your passwords online. Secure Data improves your security by bringing encryption of files and removable media to prevent data theft in case of device loss. And ESET LiveGuard tackles the never-before-seen threats.

ESET HOME Security Ultimate*–This most advanced tier provides complex protection and includes brand-new features such as VPN and Identity Protection (US Only). In addition, Browser Privacy & Security includes Metadata Cleanup, removing metadata from images uploaded to the browser, and Website Setting Review option, allowing users to review and manage website permissions effortlessly.

*Due to legislative restrictions, ESET HOME Security Ultimate tier is not available in some countries. See the ESET HOME Security Ultimate tier availability article for the list of countries.

Product Tier Platform
ESET HOME Security Essential ESET HOME Security Premium ESET HOME Security Ultimate
ESET Security Ultimate Windows
ESET Smart Security Premium Windows
ESET Internet Security Windows
ESET NOD32 Antivirus Windows
ESET Cyber Security macOS
ESET Mobile Security for Android Android
ESET Parental Control for Android Android
ESET Smart TV Security Android TV
ESET Password Manager Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
ESET VPN Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Identity Protection (US Only)  Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

You still have the option to buy one product for basic security.

Subscription Products you can activate Platform
ESET NOD32 Antivirus ESET NOD32 Antivirus Windows
ESET Cybersecurity macOS
ESET Mobile Security for Android ESET Mobile Security for Android Android
ESET Smart TV Security Android TV
ESET Parental Control for Android ESET Parental Control for Android Android
ESET Smart TV Security ESET Smart TV Security Android TV