[KB7760] Active Directory Scanner in ESET PROTECT Cloud



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Use the ESET Active Directory Scanner to synchronize Active Directory computers and users with the ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console.


ESET Active Directory Scanner

The ESET Active Directory Scanner is only available for ESET PROTECT Cloud.

The ESET Active Directory Scanner is not available for ESET PROTECT.

Synchronize Active Directory computers or users with ESET PROTECT Cloud

  1. Open ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Computers, select a desired Static group and click the gear icon next to the Static group's name. Click Active Directory Scanner.

Figure 1-1
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  1. Click Download Active Directory Scanner. Click Copy to clipboard icon to copy the access token. Run the Active Directory Scanner and use the copied token for authentication. When you want to regenerate an access token, click Regenerate
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Version history and changelog information

Version (May 16, 2022)
  • Improved: OU name parsing when computer names in AD have special characters