[KB6398] Windows Defender suggests that you disable ESET in Windows 10



Windows 11 Update

The Windows 11 update may affect the compatibility of your ESET product on Windows 10 operating systems.

  • Home users: If your ESET product is version 13 or 14, you do not need to make any changes. Visit our article for more information about the update.
  • Business users: The ESET product versions listed here are all compatible with the update.

Some versions of Windows 10 use an updated version of Windows Defender that has different behavior from previous versions. Windows Defender is displayed by showing its status as "Off" if any third-party antivirus protection is in use. This can look alarming, but if ESET is active and running, there is no need to uninstall it.

ESET does not recommend the removal of ESET products. Continue reading for information about how to keep your ESET product installed or read why ESET protects you better than Windows Defender.

For steps for disable notifications from Windows Defender see our Knowledgebase article.

Windows Defender Antivirus in Creators Update

By default, Windows Defender Antivirus is disabled (turned off) with a compatible version of ESET installed on the system. No further action is required by ESET users. 

Windows Defender Notifications in Anniversary Edition or Threshold 1 and 2 

If no antivirus protection is installed, Windows Defender will display PC status: Protected at the top of the window.

If a non-Microsoft antivirus program is protecting your computer, Windows Defender will display PC status: Windows Defender is OFF, and advise you to uninstall your existing antivirus program.

If you click Turn On, the Apps & Features window, from which you can uninstall your existing antivirus product, will be displayed.

You are not required to use Windows Defender

See our Knowledgebase article for instructions to disable Windows Defender and avoid conflicts between antivirus programs.