[NEWS8156] ESET MSP Administrator 2 and API service release is coming


Service release of ESET MSP Administrator (EMA 2) and its API is scheduled for October 27, 2021.


  • Companies can be deleted entirely (once they are suspended)
  • License ordering and creating company journeys were completely redesigned and improved
  • Upgrade and downgrade license functionality was added
  • User profile was redesigned, and two new settings were added - Password expiration and Idle session timeout
  • Distributors and MSP Managers are able to generate detailed license usage export, including all underlying companies in their hierarchy for a specific month
  • Filtering, sorting and export options were added to section Activated devices
  • License management screen now allows to export and save data in a .CSV file
  • Users are warned before suspending any remaining licenses for ESET Cloud Office Security or ESET PROTECT Cloud
  • Changed Terms of Use of EMA2 and associated services (ESET PROTECT Cloud, ESET Cloud Office Security, ESET Dynamic Threat Defense) are announced properly to every impacted user
  • Some of the products were renamed
  • Tooltips were added to the statuses of activated devices
  • The issues with Daily usage graph were fixed
  • Occasional issues with wrong consumed units were fixed
  • Change of Terms of Use announcement mistakenly appearing for users with the Read access was fixed
  • Issue with trial license setting was fixed
  • Auto deactivation setting wrongly affecting ESET Secure Authentication SDK seats was fixed
  • Issue with special characters placing wrongly between quotation marks in Activated devices export was fixed
  • Issue with License usage export executed on selected companies was fixed
Find more details about ESET MSP Administrator 2 on ESET Online Help.